sneak peak of what is coming for the new album

We’ve exceeded our Indiegogo goal!

thanks to the support of our incredible community of friends, fans and family, we have raised nearly $18,000 for our new album!

We live to create music that can reach you and the world, and now we have the resources to help do just that. We will be recording, mixing and working on the album, videos and launch through the winter for an estimated release date of May, 2019. Stay tuned for updates from the studio, live feeds from on the road and scenes from our video productions. Join our mailing list now to stay apprised of our progress and upcoming shows.

Hattie and the guys

Have you seen the latest in the Feral Musician Series? Taste the Air, filmed at Ferne Clyffe, Illinois, is a song from Traces about missing my kinfolk. Coming up next is a tune filmed on the Continental Divide Trail in the Carson National Forest of NM.

Have you heard the live album? Available now - Live At Frogville

The sky over the mountains was lit up with lightning, and the hill overlooking the ancient city of Santa Fe was engulfed in melancholic guitars & impassioned vocals. Recorded Live at Frogville Studio during an intimate studio concert, September 30th, 2017





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This photo says it all. My new songs, In Those Woods was written about this moment, this day. Coming soon on the new album.