Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess

by Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess

“Stephanie Hatfield and her band, Hot Mess, have been burning up the ‘stage’”
“Hatfield is a stunning vocal presence”
“Hatfield’s debut is versatile, enthralling and, most important, finally available to the public.”
Rob DeWalt - Santa Fe New Mexican (Oct 09)

“when it comes down to it, the answer is clear: She can sing.”
Alex De Vore - Santa Fe Reporter (Oct 09)

“(Stephanie Hatfield) may be only willing to invite us into the wonder of her life by shoving us head first into the back seat of a speeding car that is her remarkable debut album.”
“vessel of unfeigned guitars, vocals, sex and madness built upon empires of heartache and new-found love.”
“undoubtedly pair well with a whiskey bender and generally shady behavior.”
“(Stephanie Hatfield’s vocals) espousing unrelenting control that at times makes you just want to die as they pierce right through you.”
“Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess has delivered a striking album.”
Gabriel Gomez - Local IQ (Oct 09)

Stephanie Hatfield - voice & guitar
Bill Palmer - guitar, lap steel, keys, voice & tambourine
Matt McClinton - bass & voice
Jason Aspeslet - drums

Kevin Zoernig - keys on Follow Me to the Mesa & In the Water
Tommy Stephenson - keys on She Falls, Blue Miles & Just A Man
Enion Pelta - violin on Last Night & In the Water

All songs written by Stephanie Hatfield except ‘Suffer’ written by Bill Palmer
Produced by Bill Palmer & Matt McClinton
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Bill Palmer
Executive Producer: Jon Teer